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Polonia is the company dealing with equipping the hotels, restaurants, motels and SPA centers.

Our company’s owners have got many years of experience in hotel branch. The company’s aim is to raise the standard of equipping the hotels, B&Bs, motels and resorts by delivering high quality hotel equipment. 

Our company cooperates with many professional producers of hotel equipment from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, UK and Switzerland.

We provide complex equipment of hotel rooms, starting from the design of interior arrangement, delivery and installation of furniture and decorative materials. We use tried, modern, functional design solutions. We offer the highest quality bed linen, bathroom linen, duvets, pillows, blankets, nets and curtains, bedspreads, table linen (table protectors, table cloths, bed protectors, napkins), decorative materials, Cash boxes, Mini-bars, furniture and beds.

We provide professional and matter-of-fact service and also workable deadlines of realization and own means of transport and installation.

Contact us by phone or e-mail and then we will answer all your questions. Use our professional knowledge which we offer free of charge and in non-binding way.